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11 August, 2014

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Melvin's Incredible Voyage is a silly jumping game. Melvin is a melon. He is facing a crisis due to humans wanting to eat his delicious innards. So he has concocted a plan to escape from his demise. He will train hard to jump as high as he can, and eventually, jump off the planet in hopes of finding another one suitable to live on. \n Help Melvin in his quest. Unlock his supermelonal skills and travel with him across the galaxy. Good luck! But wait! There's more. In the Android version you can use the Melonface function to take a photo with Melvin and share it online! Maybe you want to take a pic of you wanting to eat him, or maybe you don't and he likes you and you are best friends! I don't know! If you want to mess around and you don't have an Android device you can also download the official Melvin face kit from the Tumblr page: http://melvinmelon.tumblr.com Be creative!


This is the first Unity3D game I have made. I started learning to use the engine working in another project with a friend, but that one eventually didn't work out, circumstances in life made me want to start another smaller project. Originally I wanted to make a really quick game in about a month but again, circumstances vary... It took about 3 months and a half to complete, working intermitently. So, why a melon? Because melons are fun! You silly... There's something inherently fun in the shape of a melon, the way it rolls... So I wanted a melon in my game. I messed around with some physics stuff and made this silly test scene where you could jump around and it was fun! Then, what about the space thing? Oh, that... Yes, the main concept of jumping was made in the first day. But it was buggy of course... You could hit the jump key forever and ascend indefinitely. And that was even more fun! So why not make it so you could jump really into space? So I got a silly protoype. Then what I did was show it to my family. And that's what really baffled me. They were so receptive. I didn't know my parents were so full of creativity either. They went crazy with ideas, "You should make him go to Mars! To save his species! Because here in Earth people want to eat him" the said, so full of passion. So I did it, because they showed me their love, because I love them.


  • Melon physics. Bounce that melon up!
  • Ridiculous space action!
  • Unlockable skills. Improve your jumping habilities, master the art of teleporting
  • Post your scores online. Cross-platform competition allowed.
  • Cute fruity characters.
  • Melonface(tm) Take a selfie with Melvin and share it! (Exclusive for Android)


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Selected Articles

  • "Really cute game! Was not expecting to be able to get the melon into space - and then die horribly ;)"
    - Rogue Noodle, Twitter
  • "Really fun and addicting!"
    - Noah Ratcliff, Twitter

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Melvin's Incredible Voyage Official Tumblr
Here you can see Melvin's adeventures around the world in real life! .

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Croqueta Soft is a one man studio based in Valladolid, Spain. I love making games for the people I love. If you love my games I probably love you too ;)

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