Physics in AS 3.0

Get out of my way!

There’s nothing like having free time to experiment with new things. Some time ago, I was off sick for a while due to a knee injury, so I killed boredom by learning Actionscript 3.0 and tinkering with APE (Actionscript Physics Engine).

I started testing simple things like bouncing balls, solid objects, wheels, springs etc… and some ideas started to come along. I created a hot rod with a serious weight bias problem so it required some skill to drive. Then I added the possiblility to add pieces of track and a goal. Eventually I wanted to make a rag-doll model so why not add some zombies that stood in the way?

With all of this I already had a prototype of game with a mechanic and a goal. Sadly it never came to be more than that, though maybe some day I will have more time to dedicate to it and finish it as a complete game. I just hope not having to break my legs again to do it! 😛

You can try the prototype here. The goal is reaching the mysterious blue question mark box.

Right arrow: accelerate (Move car right)
Left arrow: brake / reverse (Move car left)
R: reset the car
Left mouse button: drag pieces and zombies from bottom bar